Vicair Adjuster O2 Wheelchair Cushion – 10cm Thickness


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Vicair Adjuster O2 wheelchair cushion

Equal pressure distribution and perfect support for the asymmetric body.

The Vicair adjuster O2 consists of 5 individual compartments, designed to contour underloading .

Each compartment is designed to influence a specific area of the pelvis, striking a unique balance between preserving skin and underlying tissue at the ischials, coccyx and trochanters, postioning the pelvis and supporting the femurs.

For specific needs the filling of each of the 5 compartments can be easily adjusted. Allowing you to adjust the density of each compartment.


  • An individual solution for asymmetry, even the extreme kinds
  • Total immersion for equal pressure distribution
  • Prevents sliding while minimizing shear
  • Optimal Adjustment to the body's contours for equal pressure distribution
  • For specific needs the filling of each of the 5 compartments can be easily adjusted
  • Supplied with a cushion cover (please see options below & specify at time of ordering)

CUSHION COVER RANGE AVAILABLE (Please specify at time of ordering)

Please note some of the options may not be available at time of ordering and will require us to order them in, delaying supply to customer time.


  • The vicair O2 top cover, is designed with a closed top and open bottom.
  • Only covering the top to allowing the cushion to breathe to it's maximum capacity.
  • Enhancing microclimate without compromising envelopment and immersion
  • 4 way stretch
  • Polyester fabric, polyurethane anti slip coating
  • Latex Free
  • Machine washable 60`C Max


  • The Comfair cover is designed to enhance the excellent pressure management properties of the vicair cushion
  • 4 way stretch fully permeable fabric at the top, a 3D mesh at the sides allow extra breathability, and a bottom from anti slip material
  • Designed to prevent hammocking
  • Latex free
  • Machine washable 60`C Max


  • Designed to protect from liquids
  • Liquid resistant cover
  • Easy to wipe and disinfect
  • 4 way stretch semi permeable fabric at the top and a bottom from anti slip material
  • Polyester, fluid resistant, polyurethane and anit slip coating
  • latex free
  • Machine washable 60`C Max


16" Wide x 16" Deep, 16" Wide x 18" Deep, 16" Wide x 20" Deep, 18" Wide x 16" Deep, 18" Wide x 18" Deep, 18" Wide x 20" Deep, 20" Wide x 16" Deep, 20" Wide x 18" Deep, 20" Wide x 20" Deep

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